Am I smoking too much at a time or have I been laced?

I usually use oil carts to vape my weed and I havnt had any issues until now. Dispensarys in my town were closed so I bought one off a friend who had one extra. It was sealed in a bag that I assume was the original packaging.

When I vape the cart it clouds really nice and it draws well. But it hurts worse to vape this one. It kinda stings like I’ve inhaled gasoline or something.

Then the high is really different. Instead of what I have experienced before where you feel like your whole body is numb, you kinda feel achy and I get this weird thing where my toes feel like the nail is trying to push itself off and it hurts. The high isn’t very pleasant. It can sometimes make me nauseus and it makes my heart beat super fast.

I looked up the brand of the cart and couldn’t find anything online about it. I am a relatively new smoker so im not really sure what any of these issues could be. A friend said I could be hitting it too many times (I hit about 3 or 4 times so it shouldn’t be that) or that it could be laced.

I’d appreciate the help if you can offer suggestions as to what to do and what could be causing it!

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