Extraction Of The Cannabis Oil

Marijuana oil is just one of a dozen or so products that you can extract from this miraculous plant. Our focus is set on the oil due to its health […]

Cannabis Through Its History

The worst possible move that the USA government did, regarding the medicine, is to categorize Cannabis as Schedule 1 drug and to list it as a plant that has no […]

What areTerpenes? Everything you need to know

Ever had a smell of cannabis bud? There is that aromatic smell of pine, skunk, gasoline, or even citrus. Do you wonder where the small come from? It comes from […]

A Complete Guide on How to Make Cannabis Tinctures

A cannabis tincture primarily contains concentrated extracts from the cannabis plant. Most cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based, but they can also be made from glycerin to avoid the intoxicating effects that […]